Posted by Mary Jean on Dec 7th 2020

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Laptop Online

About four decades ago laptops were first invented by Adam Osborne in 1981, laptops are known as the modern and more advanced version of computers but the fact is that the trend of laptops not became common until 2000. After 2000 the trend of owning a laptop became certainly common because people started finding laptops more convenient and accessible than the big computers. One of the very prominent features that were liked by the users was the portability, also after mobile phones, laptops were considered the easiest work gadget that people could carry anytime anywhere.


Things you need to consider before buying a laptop online

Buying a laptop online can be convenient as well as tricky, but if you are willing to buy a laptop online here are the things you should consider.

1. Budget

You should know your budget and you must not compromise on the quality of the laptop. So first go to an authentic and reputable site of a laptop brand and then list out the laptops according to the budget you’re willing to spend. You should also know the market price of your laptop which will help you in not spending extra. The quality and the features of your laptop depends on your budget so make sure to choose wisely.

2. Size of the Screen

Everyone needs a laptop for a different purpose, as students might need it for studying, some video makers might need it for editing or some writer might need it for writing, so everybody uses it for their purpose. When you look for a laptop keep in mind that the size of the screen matters, the size of the screen depends on how you’re planning to use your computer. Commonly laptop screen size varies from 11.6 to 17.3 inches so it depends on how you want to use it. But one important thing you need to keep in mind is that small screens often don’t have the high-Intel Core CPU or the graphics card you need. So it mainly depends on your preference.

3. The Keyboard and the Touchpad

You can’t run a laptop without a keyboard or a touchpad; if you have a jumpy cursor you can’t even perform the task on your laptop easily. So, when you are looking for a laptop online, read all of its particularities as it will help you sort out what you need. For instance, you’re a gamer, and then go for the keyboards that are specifically designed for gaming purposes and if you’re an accountant or you work with numbers than make sure that you’re buying a numeric keypad. The touchpad of your laptop should also be smooth which will prevent you from facing any hassle while working.

4. Storage

The storage capacity of your laptop also depends on the purpose you’re going to use your laptop for, but don’t ignore it in the case that you think storage won’t be important. It has been observed that a solid-state drive (SSD) offers a lot more speed than a hard drive, and even it doesn’t weigh as much as a hard drive does, this is also one of the reasons that these days the noticeable companies are embracing SSD storage.

5. Trusted and Reliable Laptop Brands

When you’re buying a laptop there will always be some scam companies you need to be very careful about, so learn about the feedback of the customers first, the ratings of that website will surely give you an idea about the experience you’re going to have. Durability, easily repairable, and high qualities are three of the factors you should notice in a brand’s product. Some of the most reputable brands are Apple, Dell, and HP.

Having a laptop has become a necessity whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a worker, and what’s better than buying it online without any hassle, also buying a laptop online will help you to distinguish between the brands easily, and with the very little inconvenience, you’ll get to know about the choices you have. And if you choose wisely you can even get your laptop at a cheaper price.


Laptops and Spy Cameras

With the time and because of the advancement in the features of laptops, they’re being used for several different purposes now. There are many distinct and unique features in a laptop but one of the many interesting features in a laptop is that it can also convert into a spy camera. In case you want to convert your laptop into a web camera, the first thing you need to do is have an internet connection with a built-in webcam connected to your laptop. And then you’ll have to download free software that will guide you and make your laptop a surveillance camera for you. This is how there are numerous hacks related to the gadgets but we don’t know about them.